Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Green ham

I've never made, or even had, green eggs before. The closest I've gotten is probably while learning to read-and that book does a great job of turning someone off to the idea of enjoying eggs in such a hue. I woke up in a creative mood and with the need to finish a bag of greens and some eggs before taking to the road tomorrow morning. I don't know why I thought of green eggs for breakfast but I decided to go with it. Green eggs are really just eggs scrambled with pesto, which actually sounds delicious to me-but I'm not a huge ham fan so my version will fall just short of tradition. I added some Parmesan to the food processor and pulsed a few times to shred it fine. I then added about three large leaves of chard (chopped), fresh parsley, salt, pepper, and a small handful of walnuts. I decided to leave off the garlic, feeling it was a bit early for so pungent a flavor. While the food processor ran, I streamed in a little olive oil-not as much as is usually used in pesto, but just enough to bring everything together. In a bowl, I cracked one full egg and two egg whites, added the pesto and whisked until combined. At this point, I was a bit skeptical of how it was going to turn looked like a lot of pesto to egg ratio. In a preheated skillet, I added some ghee (clarified butter) then the egg mixture and proceeded to cook it like any other scrambled egg. Surprisingly, it all came together and took on exactly the texture of scrambled eggs, but with a vibrant green color! With a couple slices of sprouted sesame bread this turned out to be a super good breakfast. I'll definitely make this again. If I was to add some sort of ham, a prosciutto would be my choice-but honestly not necessary. It could really be done with any greens and it would be really tasty with a sun dried tomato pesto (though that would be red eggs...). Oh, the possibilities!

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