Sunday, July 6, 2008

Welcome back cookies

This is my first post in a llllllong time. I've been so crazy busy this past month with my yoga teacher training, that the few opportunities I had to cook or bake anything special I didn't have the time to write or reflect about it. It was an amazing month that has truly changed my life and I spent this last week decompressing and basically doing nothing. It was exactly what I needed. While in Seattle, I fell in love with a vegan, gluten-free bakery. Everytime I walked in the door my senses were overtaken. The smell of freshly baked pasteries displayed in such a way that makes them even more desirable. They also list the ingredients for everything they make and those of you who know me understand how much I love that. In place of wheat flours for a majority of their pastries, they use a mixture of chickpea and rice flour. I have no idea of the ratio that they use but I've been planning on experimenting with these alternatives since I got home. I found a vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe that I decided to use as a reference. I substituted 2/3 cup agave nectar for the sugar and then increased the flour to 1 1/4 cup. The mixture of flour I used was 3/4 cup brown rice flour, about 3/8 c. chickpea flour, and 1/8 c. potato starch. They were a success! Not too sweet, kind of cakey. The chickpea flavor comes through a bit and I really like it. You can actually feel pretty good about eating these because they are full of protein and super low in bad fats and sugar. With wheat being the most consumed and overconsumed grain today, I really like that these are wheat-free. These are quick, yummy, and different-try them!

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